Chiropractic Injury Lawyer

Chiropractic Injury Lawyer

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Chiropractic Injury Lawyer

Our chiropractic malpractice lawyers may be able help you get compensation if you or someone you love has been hurt by a chiropractor. Fill out the free case review form to learn more about your legal rights. An attorney must be contacted immediately after the injury is reported.

A chiropractor could be held responsible for injuries sustained by a patient if he or she fails to adhere to the accepted standards of care in the chiropractic profession.

Negligent Manipulation: When a chiropractor makes adjustments to the body of a patient that cause new or worsening injuries, it is called negligent manipulation. A number of serious medical issues can result from chiropractic adjustments, including broken ribs and herniated discs. A chiropractor’s negligence can cause premature labor in pregnant patients.

Chiropractic-Induced Stroke. A chiropractor’s manipulation of the neck can cause an artery to the brain to burst or become blocked. The stroke can often occur weeks later than the chiropractor visits.

Failure to Diagnose a Medical Condition that Requires Immediate Attention: A chiropractor is a professional who has a duty to care for their patients. If a chiropractor fails or refuses to diagnose an important medical problem, the chiropractor can breach this duty. The chiropractor could be held responsible for any injuries sustained by a patient as a result. A chiropractor may fail to diagnose blocked arteries in a patient, leading to severe injuries that could have been avoided.


Our chiropractor malpractice attorneys can help you seek compensation for injuries sustained by you or your loved ones. Please complete our case review form for free to find out if you are eligible for legal recourse. You have a limited time to file a case against a chiropractor for malpractice. It is therefore important that you contact an attorney immediately after your injury has been reported.

The chiropractor can be held responsible if a patient is hurt because he/she does not follow the accepted standard in chiropractic care.

Negligent Manipulation Of The Body: Chiropractic adjustments that are made to a patient’s bodies can cause injury or make it worse. Many serious medical problems can be caused by chiropractic adjustments such as herniated disks, broken bones, neck damage, nerve damage, sciatic nerve pain, lumber pain, neurological damage, and nerve damage. Patients who have been treated by a chiropractor may become pregnant prematurely due to their negligent manipulation of the body.

Chiropractic-Induced stroke: When an artery leading to the brain bursts or becomes blocked by a chiropractor’s neck manipulation, it is called a chiropractic-induced stroke. Sometimes, patients are unaware that a chiropractor caused the stroke. The stroke could occur several weeks after the chiropractic visit.

Failure to Diagnose a Medical Problem that requires immediate attention: Chiropractic is a medical professional and has a duty of care towards their patients. A chiropractor who fails to correctly diagnose a patient’s underlying condition and treats an urgent or critical medical issue can violate this duty. A chiropractor could be held liable for injuries suffered by a patient because of such a breach. If a chiropractor fails diagnose blocked arteries in a patient and causes severe injury, it could lead to the patient suffering serious injuries that could not have been prevented.


Our chiropractor malpractice lawyers can help you obtain compensation if you have been injured by a chiropractor. For more information about your eligibility to legal recourse, please complete our free case review. An attorney will review your claim. There is a deadline for filing a claim in a chiropractic malpractice case. Therefore, it is crucial to get in touch with an attorney as soon the injury is recognized.

Chiropractic care providers may be held responsible for injuries suffered by patients if they fail to uphold the standards of care.

Negligent manipulating the body: This is when a chiropractor makes adjustments on a patient’s body to cause new injuries, or make an already existing injury worse. There are many serious medical problems that chiropractic adjustments can cause, such as broken ribs or herniated discs. Chiropractic manipulation can also cause premature labor for pregnant women.

Chiropractic-Induced Stoke: A chiropractor’s neck manipulation can cause an artery in the brain to burst, or become blocked. A lot of times, patients don’t realize that the stroke was caused due to negligence by chiropractors. Sometimes the stroke doesn’t occur until several weeks after the chiropractic visit.

Chiropractic Injury Lawyer

Failure to Diagnose a Condition That Requires immediate Attention: As a doctor, chiropractors have a duty to their patients. If a chiropractor fails in their duty to diagnose and treat a patient’s medical condition, they may be held liable. The chiropractor could be held responsible if a patient is hurt as a consequence of this breach. If the chiropractor fails to diagnose blocked arteries, a patient could sustain severe injuries that could be prevented if the chiropractor did so.